Can Treadmills Be Kept Outside?

Treadmills occupy a lot of space, especially electric ones. Some of us have limited space for a home gym or no convenient place to keep a treadmill. But can you keep your treadmill outside? Maybe you don’t have space inside, but there is plenty of room outside.

You may have a big backyard which could make having a treadmill outside ideal, but is it possible, and what do you need to keep it safe and functional?

Main benefits of owning a treadmill

Exercise anytime you want

Many gyms close during normal business hours. This might not be for you if you work unusual hours or are a night owl. Owning a treadmill will help you work out any day or night.

Easy to use

You’ll love treadmills because they are easy to use and require virtually no effort to install or get going. All you need is to use the buttons on the control panel, select your favorite settings, and start exercising. If you’re a beginner, they have instruction manuals that make things easier.

You are in control

Something that makes treadmills convenient and beneficial is the fact that you’re in control. Depending on your fitness levels, you may need light workouts or if you’re an experienced runner who loves intense workouts. The point is, you have full control of all the aspects to suit your fitness level.

Save money

A treadmill is a worthy investment. Although it might be pricey upfront, a quality machine will last you for years to come. Owning a treadmill will cut the expense of a gym membership from your budget and save you money in the long run.

No worries about inclement weather

You will no longer have to worry about snow, heavy rain, and ice storms when working out with your treadmill at home. Instead of braving the weather when going to and from the gym, your exercise equipment is at the comfort of your home.

Can I keep my treadmill outside?

If you have limited space in your house, you can keep it outdoors. However, maintaining an outdoor treadmill can be a bit challenging, but the results are worth it. Using a treadmill outdoors on your porch, patio, or balcony gives you a safe and convenient place to run or walk while enjoying the benefits and pleasures of fresh air.

The best thing about a home treadmill is the tendency to stick to your exercise plan, convenience, safety, and injury prevention. However, you need to keep the treadmill clean and in good working condition to ensure a safe, effective workout.

Why would you want to keep your treadmill outside?

Save indoors space

Most treadmills are bulky and need sufficient room to keep users safe as they work out. A treadmill can occupy half a room that you could put to other uses. Putting your treadmill outside, on your porch or patio, or in your garage could be the best bet. The machine will create space and be more accessible than visiting the gym.

Workout in fresh air

If you’ve made your treadmill part of your daily routine and your area isn’t runner-friendly, an outdoor treadmill is a great solution for you. On a treadmill, you will enjoy your favorite workouts in fresh air without worrying about obstacles like stoplights, potholes, or other pedestrians ruining your run.

Keep any workout noise outside

Treadmills are usually noisy because of the running treadmill belt and mechanical parts. Additionally, the music or motivational trainer you’re listening to and your breathing rate can contribute to a noisy atmosphere. If your housemates get irritated with the treadmill noise, putting the treadmill outside will isolate the noise.

Things you need to have before using your treadmill outside

A power supply outside

You need an outdoor power supply to run the motorized treadmill. Although most homes have this for outdoor entertainment, you can also use extended cables if you don’t have one.

A treadmill cover

A treadmill cover is a must-have when training outdoors. This will help protect the electronics in the console and the electrical components in the motor when it’s rainy.

Some kind of shelter or shade

You should not expose your treadmill to rain and other elements even if you have a cover. A shady spot or shelter is a great spot to keep your treadmill.

A level ground

Having a patio, porch, or yard isn’t enough. You need a relatively flat area because uneven grounds might damage your treadmill or make it dangerous to work out on.

A treadmill mat

You also need to have a treadmill mat to prevent moisture from getting underneath.


Does cold weather affect treadmills?

Yes. Extreme weather such as cold winters can damage several treadmill parts like the belt and LCD screen. Always keep it away from moisture.

Can heat damage a treadmill?

Extreme heat and sunlight can damage the treadmill’s electrical components. Therefore, you should place/store it in a shady spot or shelter.

Can Treadmills Be Kept Outside?


Don’t fail to realize your fitness goals because you’re limited in space. Find the best spot that works best for you and place your treadmill. However, you should keep in mind the manufacturer’s warranty if the device breaks down.